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Staying organized and orderly keeps your work flowing in a certain course without straining you. During your research about the given or the chosen topic, it is good always to outline the main points you intend to include in your write-up. This outline helps you remain within the topic and choose the correct wording to use in the essay. Just the same way, you have a smart schedule each morning before going to class, allowing you to do things efficiently without struggle.

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The feeling you develop when someone addresses you in public by your name or signals you give you the confidence and interest to listen to what they are saying. Pronouns such as ‘you’ should be used whenever applicable. The same feeling of interest should be transferred to the reader to feel part of the write-up.For example, you can say; You can earn money easily. Instead of saying the money can be earned easily. The reader will be anxious to know how to get that money without straining. Use the active voice to keep the audience engaged in the reading.

Readers have low concentration, which would require clear and short sentences to get the information they are searching for before they decide to think otherwise. Keeping the reader satisfied by acting fast in message delivery is good. Long and tough sentenceswith extravagant adverbs and adjectives will make things difficult for the reader, be clear and to the point faster.

Punctuations bring out the real thought and its meaning just as you wanted it to reach the audience. I would advise you to follow the punctuation rules, but if it means your audience should understand your point from your position, you can break it. What I mean is, suppose the rule dictates you add a comma after a certain number of words, and surely you see that your point would not be perfectly delivered as you want, you can assume the comma and explain to your audience.

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Address your reader-Maintain the active voice.

This might sound silly to you, but trust me, it is as important as the other rules. When you follow this rule, it will save you so many grammar errors and senselessness in your writing. When you are reading loudly, it will allow you to notice any omitted point and thus allow you to go back to include it. Be keen while submitting your work.

These rules of writing will help you write a perfect academic paper.

When your mind always thinks of negative things definitely, you are tempted to speak the negativities out. Suppose it is in your grades you be like, ‘I will never get good grades in mathematics; this expression will show a person who might be willing to help you improve your mathematics to feel disappointed. If you use a sentence like, ‘I need to improve on my poor grades.’This will give someone a good impression of helping.

While addressing issues, do not give general ideas that are confusing to the reader. If it is a lift, make it indicate the items you are talking about, one after another, rather than saying, ‘there are several items involved.’ Be precise as you keep your reader informed specifically by what you are talking about.

I know you are not fun of checking in the dictionary while reading. A write-up with so many vocabularies loses meaning and drives the reader’s attention away. As a writer, you should be clear and precise, using simple words that will not send your audience to the dictionary. English is not their first language may need a simple and elaborate write-up to gather the information they need from that specific topic. This simplicity will draw many readers to your work hence more credit. For example, instead of saying discombobulating, say confusing.

A very important rule to keep in mind – Citation is one of the key areas that will show the reader your confidence in between the lines. A cited paper looks interesting and attractive. It gives you as a writer the confidence to explain to the reader that the work you have done and other experts did it, and therefore the research you have done concerning the topic is not invalid but helpful.

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Having a thesis is like having a compass direction. This research statement will govern you in your entire paper, giving you a position or a take in the whole paper. When a reader gets to read your thesis,they are eager to know what you researched about and know your opinion on the whole matter so that they can follow through.

The target of a write-up is to ensure as many people as possible have read your work. Therefore, no reward for complicating things to appear a mafia in word constructions and usage, but it is about how simple and clear you are to pass your message across.

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Lastly, it is always wise to seek help when overwhelmed with that essay. It is important to ask your tutor to offer some guidance. However, many of them are usually unavailable and might take time to get back to you. This is why most students seek help from online tutors. Visit this website and get more guidance on the rules of writing.

Writing is not just filling a paper with words from top to bottom; it involves organization and neat planning. It does not matter whether you are doing a script, an essay, or a thesis paper; the writing process remains constant. Considering the quality and the feedback from your work, it is clear that you are either reaching out to people or communicating nothing. To write an excellent essay, there are some rules you must consider to get to this great achievement.

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Construct short and clear sentences Maintain the active voice. * Use simple vocabularies Develop a framework to follow. Avoid passive voice. Use the right punctuations Be specific. Insert citations. Ask for help. Construct short and clear sentences.

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